Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh, Yes I Can!

Molly at My Three Pennies Worth has a great piece on self-confidence and mothering. Basically, if we belive we were designed to be a mother, to give birth, etc., we will believe that we can do these things, even when they seem hard. She writes:
When I approach childbirth, I have to recondition my mind and make it accept the fact that I was MADE to bring forth life. My body is DESIGNED to do this--it is not something to hard for me to accomplish at all, but something I was destined for from the beginning. If I view birthing as something I doubt I can manage, than that's exactly what happens to me. Pain that is bearable becomes absolutely unendurable, all because I treat it as if it's more than I can handle, rather than a sensation that women have successfully born since time began. More is in the head than anywhere else, and the way my head decides to view things makes a big difference in the outcome (disclaimer: this doesn't apply to difficult childbirth experiences, obviously, etc!).

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