Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dark Chocolate Reduces Preeclampsia Risk

At last, the study we have all been waiting for: Chocolate May be Boon to Pregnant Women; Dark chocolate is good for pregnant women: study.

By biting into rich, dark chocolate, there is a 69 percent less chance of contracting preeclampsia, a major pregnancy complication with cardiovascular manifestations such as hypertension that affects up to eight percent of pregnancies, said Dr. Elizabeth Triche.

The associate director at the Yale Center for Perinatal, Pediatric & Environmental Epidemiology, at Yale University, co-authored the 1996-2000 study of 2,291 women published in the May issue of Epidemiology.

The study method measured the density of theobromine -- a chemical in chocolate -- in the arterial cord blood extracted from the umbilical cord at delivery.

The primary effects of theobromine include diuresis, myocardial stimulation and vasodilatation. Other chemicals in chocolate include magnesium, which lowers hypertension, and flavanoids, which are potent antioxidants, the study said.

"Quantifying self-reported chocolate and cocoa consumption is extremely difficult due to considerable variation in the cocoa content of chocolate products," Triche said.

"The darker (the chocolate) is, the better it is. The more highly processed, the more fat and sweet it is, the less it contains theobromine," she said, adding that theobromine concentrations in chocolate vary from 0.15 percent to 0.46 percent.

"In this prospective cohort of pregnant women, we observed that chocolate consumption, as measured by cord serum levels of the biomarker theobromine, was associated with lower risk of preeclampsia," the study concluded.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Blog Turns Three

Today is the first of two anniversaries celebrated at The Baby Blawg; today is the day I actually created the blog. Later comes the anniversary of the day I commenced posting.

I wish I could think of something brilliant or witty to say about it.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Trans Fats in Pregnancy

Surprised this hasn't gotten more press:
A study on rats found that babies had a higher chance of being fat if their mother ate trans fats in pregnancy or while feeding their young.

The experts at Sao Paulo university in Brazil also found they were also more likely to suffer insulin resistance, which often leads to diabetes.

Luciana Pisani, who led the study, said: "This has important implications."

Spring Baseball

Aren't they handsome? Just had to share.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

USB Pregnancy Test

I'm not going to pretend that this is anything other than an April Fool's joke.

But what a neat gadget!