Friday, March 31, 2006

11 Weeks Old

This is a photo of Andrew at about 8 or 9 weeks.

The big news ... Andrew rolled over yesterday! Of course, he didn't get very far, his arm gets trapped under him and he squawks a bit until you roll him onto his back, whereupon he proceeds to roll over again. It's great fun. He doesn't like tummy time yet, but he holds his head up just fine when held upright.

He is getting better at batting things with his hands. He's started sucking on his hands, even when he's not hungry, so I guess you could say he's "discovered" them. Either that or he's teething (!). He smiles readily at people, and I even caught him the other day smiling at the toys over his bouncy seat. They don't smile back, though. Andrew can also follow moving objects across the room, and will occasionally get distracted by his surroundings while nursing.

Don't know exactly how much he weighs, but he is big. Not fat, just long. What a punkin.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunday, March 19, 2006

9 Weeks Old

We all have colds this week, even Andrew. His first illness. We are all only a little bit sick, but 5 people being only a little bit sick still adds up to a lot of work for me. Mostly in the form of laundry, as Andrew has thrown up a couple times from congestion.

He is still cute as a bug. Starting to swipe at toys and things. Can roll from his side to his back to his other side. Sleeps good at night and wakes up on a predictible schedule. His daytime nap schedule is still a bit irregular, but I am starting to see a pattern.

I am in baby carrier heaven. My husband won me a pre-owned Baby Bjorn on eBay last week, which was very helpful on our 2- hour plane trip. I'll blog about that later. Then someone sent me a very gently used Maya Wrap in the most gorgeous pattern and my favorite color (blue). Andrew took a big long nap in it yesterday, so I guess he likes it.

Other than that, I feel great and am getting some things done around the house - decluttering, mostly. I think I can handle this 3 boys thing.

Monday, March 06, 2006

7 1/2 Weeks Old

I've added more photos here.

Do you ever feel like yelling at your babies, "stop growing!"? I put away Andrew's newborn clothes yesterday. It was kind of sad.

Last night, Andrew slept a whole 6-hours at once. Not only that, but I went to sleep pretty soon after he did, so I took full advantage of the sleeping. I feel great!

His new developments this week: he can roll from his side to his back to his other side. He is really fascinated by ceiling fans, anything black-and-white or high-contrast, and people's faces. If you put a small rattle in his grip, he will hold onto it for several minutes. He has also started to bat at toys and things.