Sunday, July 30, 2006

Incidence of Epidural Hematoma, Infection, and Neurologic Injury in Obstetric Patients

From Waking Up Costs, a study in the journal Anesthesiology attempts "to quantify some of the less common risks of having an epidural during labor: epidural hematoma, infection, and neurologic injury." He writes:
It contains an interesting tidbit others might find interesting, too. There are 4 million births in the United States each year and 2.4 million involve epidural analgesia. Wow. That's three fifth of all live birth get an epidural! (And some call nights, it seems every single one does...)

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Julia said...

Hey, if your platelet count is too low, a good anesthesiologist will refuse to give you the epidural.

I had a good anesthesiologist who promised to do everything he could to help keep me as comfortable as possible after this news was broken to me (as I was in pitocin hell); at one point, all he could was hold one of my hands. And he did. When I realized that, I was touched.

(Pitocin is a rant for another day.)