Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eating Durring Labor

A new study finds:
Women permitted to eat low-fat, low-residual foods during labor were no more likely than women who received only water to have labor, delivery, or neonatal complications in a randomized study conducted in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, women who ate rated their overall labor experience as significantly better than that of women who were only allowed to drink water, according to a study presented in poster form at the annual meeting of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation.


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JeniBeans said...

Hi there.
I had a home/water birth with my past baby (April of 2006) and I ate McDonalds fries and Dr. Pepper right before I had her. No kidding...I was up eating those around 10:30 pm and she was born at midnight on the dot. It was my easiest labor, by far, of any of mine, and I've had 4 so far. And she was over 9 lbs, making her 2 lbs heavier than the previous biggest one of our bunch.

I think the only reason they don't allow women to eat is because they are hoping for a surgery prep sometime during the labor.

I have grown to hate hospitals as far as having babies is concerned.

p.s. I'm expecting our 5th baby now and planning another home/water birth with midwives attending.