Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Six Practices for a Healthy Birth

If you haven't seen a copy of Lamaze International's new quarterly publication, Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond, I highly suggest you try to get a copy. I was mightily impressed by the inaugural issue.

Lamaze has identified six care practices that promote, support and protect normal birth. These are:
  1. Labor should begin on its own.
  2. Laboring women should be free to move throughout labor.
  3. Laboring women should have continuous support from others throughout labor.
  4. There should be no routine interventions during labor and birth.
  5. Women should not give birth on their backs.
  6. Mothers and babies should not be separated after birth and should have unlimited opportunity for breastfeeding.
Detailed information about each of these Care Practices are available here.

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