Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I spoke too soon (re: Perth)

From Breastfeeding123, this post (quoting The Breastfeeding Answer Book):
Ultrasound examination of the lactating breast during breastfeeding by Peter Hartmann’s research team in Perth, Australia has provided new information about what occurs within the breast during let-down.
Maybe I just like the way the word sounds. Perth.

Breast milk contains stem cells

What's the deal with Perth? First H.Pylori, then Heath Ledger, now this:

Breast milk contains stem cells.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Made for Birthing

Take a look at these neat hospital gowns made for birthing. Not only do they allow coverage for modesty while still providing access for medical procedures and breastfeeding, they also help support baby's immune system:
The risk of germs is one of the biggest risks in hospital birth. Hospitals and medical caregivers supposedly provide a "sterile field" but you and your baby are still exposed to a multitude of germs that your body has not built immunity to. Roll your gown around on your bed, couch, and hold the dog and cat before you bring it to the hospital. You'll be bringing YOUR "sterile field" from home for your baby to be born into and to be touched by first and covered by. Not harsh, potentially risky hospital towels and sheets.

Top 10 Childbirth Myths

The Journey Of An Apprentice Midwife posts a very excellent Top 10 Childbirth Myths, with references.