Monday, December 19, 2005

Wish List II - Fantasy Edition

This is the other wish list. The things I would buy for myself if I were a rock star. The things you would buy for me if you had more disposable income than sense. Things people buy to give at baby showers so their friends will think they are cool, not because the gifts are useful in any way. Things I would probably wear once. I'm not saying you can't buy these things for me. I'm just saying that you shouldn't. But it's fun to window shop.

First up is the "Birth Control is for Sissies" maternity T from MollyAnna. Yep, that's pretty much how I feel, but I'm not quite brave enough to wear this out in public. Maybe someday when I am pregnant with #7 and my kids are all clean and perfectly well-behaved. Now that would be a statement.

Next, we have the "I make milk - what's your super power?" t-shirt from GranolaThreads. I actually saw someone wearing this once. It comes in several styles and colors; I think maybe blue on gray v-neck would be best. Yes, making milk makes me feel powerful. When my oldest son was about four months old, I looked down at him and realized that everything I saw, every eyelash, every fingernail, every bone in his 12-or-so-pound body, was the product of something I ate which my body turned into food for him. Makes you rethink that junk food you are eating, doesn't it?

On to baby wear. My absolute favorite is the "Attorney Work Product" line from ForCounsel. They sell a bib and a toddler t-shirt, but I really wish they carried this in a onesie. You know (or maybe you don't) that my husband and I are both lawyers, so the "attorney work product" moniker is even more applicable.

For the times I am guilty of child neglect by blogging, here's Bloggerwear's Blogging Baby Bib. "Quit Blogging and Feed Me". Actually, though, I've become quite proficient at blogging and nursing at the same time, so I don't know that the slogan would ever be quite accurate. But it's cute, especially for mommy bloggers.

And that concludes the fantasy wish-list wrap-up.

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