Monday, December 12, 2005

Wish List

Ok, since this is our third baby, I'm not really expecting to get much in the way of presents. But there are lovely people out there who will buy stuff, and they might as well get us things the baby can use, rather than things we have to waste time taking back later.

First two times, I registered at Babies 'R Us via, (where we have, for years, had a wish list for the entire family). This time, however, their site aggravated me so much I gave up. For example, you can buy/register for diapers at B'RU, and you can buy diapers on Amazon. But the diapers sold on Amazon are not sold through B'RU, so you can't put them on your baby registry. Of course, you don't know this until after you have searched for and located the item. I couldn't register for diapers on, either, but we are a lot closer to a Target store than an 'R Us, so it wasn't too difficult to go down to the store and scan them.

So there you have it: We are registered at Target. You will have to know my real name to access the registry; but I assume that people who don't know my real name (my blog is semi-anonymous) aren't likely to be sending us presents, anyway. Although stranger things have been known to happen.

Oh yeah, you don't have to actually *buy* the stuff at Target. You can peruse the list and then head on down to Costco if you like.

Things we definitely don't need:
  1. Clothes in size 3-6 months. We have a ton. Larger than that, we can always use.

  2. Stuffed animals.

  3. Baby Oil.

  4. Baby Powder.

  5. Baby Formula.
    Despite the use of the word "baby" in the above 3 items, none are particularly good for infants. :)

I'd like a Baby Bjorn and another sling, perhaps a Maya Wrap. But I think I will shop for them "gently used" on eBay.

To be continued...

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