Friday, February 10, 2006

4 Weeks

Little Andrew has a raging case of baby acne all over his cheeks. And a receeding hairline (it will grow back in blond, based on past experience, then gradually darken as he grows up). He is still exceedingly cute, though.

DS5 has learned that Andrew will open his hands by rubbing the backs of his fingers. So the big entertainment around here consists of getting Andrew to grasp your finger - or toe. Andrew also has reached up and grabbed hold of my necklace often enough to convince me he's doing it on purpose. And we have gotten a smile or two, although most of the time he looks at us like "who are these strange people and why are they staring at me?".

I'm starting to get the hang of things. Before it was, "do I do the dishes now, or later?" Now it's, "Andrew's asleep, if I want to get the dishes done, I'd better do them right now." Just a slight shift in thinking. He is an extremely patient baby, however. A couple times I've had a semi-emergency situation in the house and have laid him down, awake and even somewhat fussy, in his bassinette. He might peep a little but does not scream. I guess he knows I'll be back to get him soon.

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