Sunday, August 27, 2006

Andrew at Six Months, Seven Months

At six months, Andrew:
  • Sits well by himself.
  • Tries to get all the way up on his hands & knees; rocks back and forth. Sometimes he gets on one knee and pushes himself up with the opposite leg.
  • Plays peek-a-boo (at least he "gets" the joke now).
  • Has started solids. Just a little rice cereal and a small jar a fruit, once a day. Plus some Cheerios or a teething biscuit.
  • Cut his first tooth.
  • Can drink water or milk out of a cup.
At seven months, Andrew:
  • Learned how to get into a sitting position from his hands and knees.
  • Two days later, started crawling. Just a little.
  • Will crawl a couple inches in the "proper" hands-and-knees position, then goes down and army crawl the rest of the way.
  • Cut tooth #2 at 6 1/2 months, then #3 at 7 months.
  • Likes to be tickled. Laughs at his brothers jumping on the bed.
  • Has been known to eat a whole jar of baby food at one sitting. Usually just eats half a jar, though.
At seven and 1/2 months, Andrew:
  • Tried his first vegetables (sweet potatoes).
  • Crawls for real.
  • Will crawl from room to room, and seems delighted with himself for figuring out this little trick.
  • Tries to pull up on everything. He can pull up on the fireplace hearth, but not on the coffee table yet.
  • When he sees that mommy has left the safety gate down in the kitchen, he makes a beeline for the cat food bowl. When she tells him "no", he stops, sits up, looks at her, and smiles. And then continues on.
  • Thinks his big brothers are really, really funny.

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