Friday, September 22, 2006

Fuzzi Bunz Update

We like the Fuzzi Bunz. My major complaint is - get this - I have a hard time determining if they are wet. That's right. Sometimes I have to take off the diaper and pull out the insert before I know if they are wet or not. Or at least stick my hand all the way into the pocket. I also think that it will work to replace the insert and only change the whole diaper every other time. That will cut down on laundry and wear & tear on the diapers. I do find that I need to change the wee one a bit more often with the cloth diapers.

Cloth dipes do seem a bit warm, too. Maybe that is because they are made of synthetic fabric, and because of the bulk. Since we are heading into winter (we don't get fall here in Texas), not a problem but on warm afternoons a disposable would seem to be more comfortable.

It seems ironic, doesn't it, that the most popular cloth diapers rely heavily on synthetic fabrics? I mean, isn't that what cloth diapering is all about, being more natural? That thought struck me today.

I bought three new Fuzzi Bunz and then three used ones on eBay. Although I saved a bit of money on the used ones (particularly since the seller mispelled "fuzzi" as "fuzi"), I am now convinced it is worth it to spend the extra few dollars and get new. Something about used diapers is just... icky.

The eBay dipes came with Hemparoo inserts whereas my new ones came with the Microterry soaker. The popular consensus is that the microterry is much more absorbent, while the hemparoos are thinner and less bulky. Maybe one of each at night, if I go to full time CD'ing.


Julia said...

Nighttime diapering is always a challenge. :)

cooler*doula said...

Hey ho,

I'm a Fuzzi Bunzer too! LOve 'em (mostly. Josh has just finished a 21, yes 21-day diahhrea, er, run. Not good on so many levels.) I've had my big boy in them for a year almost (next month). Same size thank-you-Jesus considering the price. And still one size setting to go.

*I love the reusableness of them
*I too find them a little warm and also yup... Ironic that they're synthetic considering the philosophical stance of most CD-ers.
*I am a little disappointed at how quickly they go from 'buttery soft' to splikily pilled - despite RIGOROUS attention to care instructions. Ah well...

I have found two microterry's for nights, and one micro/ one hemp during the day in an attempt to streamline 'em some. Otherwise baby has a big butt.

Washing has been the trickiest - as I have a front loader and a paucity of water is not the answer for cleaning the bunz. After several methodologies, I've found that putting them straight through a short pre-wash in cold when they come off - well when I have 3 or 4 of them - then when I have a bunch I do a full cold wash and a hot wash with a small shot of vinegar once in a while and despite warnings, I find 7th Generation to work well.

Happy Bunzing!