Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fuzzi Bunz

I'm taking a tentative step toward cloth diapering. I ordered three Fuzzi Bunz and they arrived in the mail today. We will see how we like them. They are expensive, but they have great resale value on eBay, so it's not much of a risk. I think I will like them, though. More importantly, will Andrew like them?

Chief Executive Mom got hers in the mail today, too, and posted photos.

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Julia said...

Ooo, I'm going to be following what you think of these -- my sister who is due in November wants to do cloth diapering, and I think something like that would be pretty good. So if I have a solid recommendation (or negative recommendation) to pass on to her in a couple of weeks, that would be most helpful for her!

(I had 2 slings of the style I sent you one of; she's getting the other when I start shipping her stuff in mid-October.)