Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Circumcision Tips

(o.k., I know, that was a really bad pun).

Via Yahoo! News, Study shows circumcision may reduce AIDS risk.

Here's the link to the mohel we have used twice now: www.brismilah.org/.

No, we're not Jewish. Rabbi Rovinsky is the only one I know of in the Dallas area who does non-ritual circs. He is well-known among local homebirthers and midwives. It's a great alternative to a hospital procedure if you want to wait 8 days, plan on waiving the vitamin K shot, or just want a more baby-friendly procedure. I could also go into detail about technique, but I won't. Trust me. If you oppose circumcision, please don't email me or leave comments. Just pray for a girl.


Vince said...

I was circumcised when I was 6 months old. My Mom is very proud of it. I was told that I did not cry during circumcision and they did not put any diapers either (only bandage on the penis). My Mom frequently used to examine my penis and loved to undress me to inspect it. When my Mom's sisters and their daughters were around I felt embarrassed because they were curious to see me. Otherwise I am happy with my circumcision status. My parents thought leaving me undressed will help to overcome my shyness.

The Mommy Blawger said...

Honestly, that is a bit strange. I would think that leaving you undressed would cause you to be more shy, not less. I think my boys look great but we don't show them off. It's kind of a privacy issue, don't you think?