Wednesday, January 04, 2006

38+4 Week Update

Ok, I have a confession to make. I usually do the "X Week Update" at X+6 days, sometimes later. Don't want to get too specific about my due date. So even though I haven't done the "official" 38-week update yet, I think I'll do some blogging every day or two until the baby comes, since we're getting close now.

Tonight I had a contraction. Just one, but it was definitley a contraction and not the baby moving around or gas or something. I had one or two a night for a week before Baby #1 was born, so don't get too excited. Also had some back pain yesterday which was different from my usual been-standing-up-too-long-need-to-sit-down soreness.

Does cleaning the inside top of the microwave count as nesting? What about staying up half the night cleaning the bathroom? Which looks gorgeous, by the way.

My husband is nesting, too. Right now he's cleaning out the closet in the office, which is a mess and needs to be done, but not exactly on the top of my priority list. When he's in this kind of mood, however, I just let him be and stay out of his way.

My mother reminds me that there is a full moon on my due date, but we're supposed to get a cold front tomorrow which means a rise in the barometric pressure, as I understand. Besides, I really don't want to wait until my due date.

I have a list entitled "To Do Before Baby Comes". It has 21 items on it. I've checked off 8 items. Some of them are not essential, like "update boys' baby books". What I have done is: washed all baby clothes, blankets, towels, and linens; assembled all birth supplies; finished our birth plan, and actually discussed it with my husband. Etc. Except for vacuuming the livingroom and bedroom, I am feeling mentally prepared.

The birth tub didn't get ordered in time. It's out of stock. Haven't ordered from anywhere else. Wouldn't get here in time, unless I go late. Looks like plans for waterbirth will be scrapped. However, I did do a ton of research which I plan to bless you all with as soon as I can blog it.

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