Friday, January 13, 2006

Labor Part II

After a lot of close (2-4 min.) but short (<30 seconds) and not very strong contractions, they actually moved farther apart to more like every 5 minutes, but 45-60 seconds and pretty intense. Finally I laid down for a while and got a break, even slept a little. Within the last hour, the midwives (2), apprentice, and my mother arrived. The midwives actually just came for a birth this morning, and that following another one yesterday. My mother-in-law has been here since last Saturday, so she helps keep the kids entertained and they have shown very little interest in what mommy is doing. The birth pool is all set up. I just don't feel like I need it yet.

Little boy is being helpful. He kicks me in the ribs right before I have a contraction (like right now) ... (deep breath) because apparently he feels it before I do.

So I'm going to get up, walk around a bit, and try to get things going.


Shana said...

Oh wow, you are having him NOW, how exciting! Can't wait to see pics and hear the full story...

happy delurking week, btw, guess this is a good place to make my first comment

Tanya said...

Am thinking of you. Good luck :)