Thursday, November 03, 2005

29 Week Update

Well, this past week I have been a bit more tired than usual. Haven't been sleeping as well, but some of that can be attributed to the time change; and it seems like each night, one of my boys (but not both on the same night) will wake in the middle of the night. My belly looks like a pumpkin and sounds like one, too, if you tap on it. My hips are complaining more. But overall things are fine.

Lots of numbers from our appointment with the midwife today. With blood sugar of 107, I passed my glucose challenge test with flying colors. Hemoglobin 12.1. Gained 4 pounds since last month. Fundal height is 32 cm. - still measuring a bit large but consistent with last month.

The bad news is I learned some new abbreviations today. RSA = Right Sacrum Anterior and RST = Right Sacrum Transverse. The good news is we have plenty of time to get you-know-who headed out in the right direction.

Now we start appointments every two weeks. I'm 30 weeks along tomorrow which means 10 weeks left! More or less. I'm going to start counting down instead of up.

Your baby now weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and is a tad over 15 inches long from head to heel. His muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and his head is growing bigger to accommodate his brain - which is busy developing billions of neurons. With this rapid growth, it's no surprise that your baby's nutritional needs reach their peak during this trimester. To keep yourself and him well nourished, you'll need plenty of protein, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, and calcium. (About 200 milligrams of calcium is deposited in your baby's skeleton - which is now hardening - every day.)
Here is what BabyCenter says about me this week:
Some old friends - heartburn and constipation - may take center stage again. The pregnancy hormone progesterone relaxes smooth muscle tissue throughout your body, including your gastrointestinal tract. This relaxation, coupled with the crowding in your abdomen, slows your digestive process, which can cause gas, especially after a big meal. Another problem you can credit to your growing uterus (and constipation) is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids - which are simply swollen blood vessels in your rectal area - are very common during pregnancy and usually clear up soon after delivery.
Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

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