Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dr. Tom Brewer

Dr. Tom Brewer died on Tuesday, November 22, 2005. For those of you not familiar with his work, visit BlueRibbonBaby.org. His diet, based on the theory that poor diet and lack of sufficient protein are to blame for many complications of pregnancy, including toxemia, preelampsia, prematurity, and IUGR, have positively affected the lives of countless women and babies.

He will surely be missed.


Anonymous said...

He was a great man with "radically" simple ideas. It's ridiculous and criminal that pregnant women don't get any sort of nutritonal information from a traditional doctor. Shame on the FDA, NIH, and all other researchers who still do nothing and claim that the cause of so many preventable diseases is "unknown". I talked with him several times, and realized he was fighting big companies and money with these ideas(healthy pregnancies cost less and produce less income for hospitals and drug companies than those which require drugs, c-sections, babyICU's, hospital stays, ect.). I hope for a day when all pregnant mothers are given a copy of Dr. Brewer's diet on their first visit to the baby doctor. He helped my wife, who was messed up on a reduced calorie, low salt diet, have a healthy and very bright child. I am sad to hear of his passing, and hope that more will be done on this issue in his name in the future.

William said...

I just learned that Dr Tom had passed on.

In 1972 I worked on a documentary film about Dr Tom Brewer It was shown at Universities and other venues around the nation. I don't know where a copy of this film can be viewed today but I know Tom had a copy.

He was a fine, interesting man, way ahead of his time. He lived to see many of his ideas institutionalized in the health care industry and in medical schools.