Wednesday, November 30, 2005

33 Week Update

I am now a person of advanced maternal age. Obstetrically senescent. An elderly multigravida, if you will. Thank goodness I have a care provider who doesn't consider me high-risk today when I started out the week as low-risk.

(Translation: I turned 35 this week.)

Other numbers: I gained 6 pounds in two weeks, but only 1 cm. in fundal height, which keeps me really consistent with the previous 2 pregnancies. Baby's growing!

7 weeks left. I have appointments with my midwife scheduled up through my due date. Gulp.

My hips are still a little testy. A little heartburn. Good energy, though.

Since our babies bunk with us for the first year or so, I've never had the experience of decorating a nursery. However, I'm doing the next best thing. We got a huge (for us) project done this weekend by painting the boys' room. It's a lovely shade of blue. I'm just embarrased that my 4 1/2 year old has been sleeping in a peach-colored room for most of his life. I would like to paint some of the furniture bright colors, but if I get that done in the next 7 weeks, fine; if not, fine too. It's so nice and uncluttered in there - almost hate to move the rest of the furniture and toys back in.

I'm still researching birth tubs, and I'll post all my links when I get through. The big decision is rent vs. buy. It's not so much the tub itself, but all the other stuff you want to go with it; a hose, an adapter for your sink faucet, a pump to get the air in, a pump to get the water out, a heater, a thermometer, etc.

This week your baby weighs a little over 4 pounds and measures 17.2 inches from the top of his head to his heels. His skin is becoming less red and wrinkled, and while most of his bones are hardening, his skull is quite pliable and not completely joined. This will help him ease out of your relatively narrow birth canal.

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greasy joan said...

I had to look up "senescent" (sp?) I'm "elderly," too... had baby #4 at age 36. Doncha just love how they talk about our "risk" for "defective" babies.