Friday, November 25, 2005

Hospital Circumcises Wrong Baby

Due to a mix-up, St. Boniface Hospital in Canada has suspended circumcisions of male newborns after staff circumcised the wrong baby:
"We're concerned about any event of this nature because obviously a child was circumcised before his parents had a chance to make a decision and to give their consent and we will look into that," said Helene Vrignon, a hospital representative.

Vrignon said the identities of two baby boys on the same ward got mixed up. The family of the boy who was incorrectly circumcised had not yet made a decision about whether to have the procedure done, she added.
Link: CBC Manitoba


greasy joan said...

The personal injury lawyers I know would always be happy to be of service in a mix-up like this. I'd probably avail myself were I on the receiving end of that error.

Anonymous said...

I reckon excising a foreskin without consent should be at least equal to the total cost of a college education in 18 years time and then some. Let's see: immediate pain and suffering, loss of sensation, damage to body self-image, loss of self-esteem, possible reproductive problems during marriage, possibility of erectile disfunction in middle age... This one could run and run. Give a shyster lawyer a percentage and get him/her straight on the case!